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About Me

Manu Ley was born in Viareggio, studied pop and lyrical singing, perfecting herself in Luca Jurman’s Vocal Classes school where she obtained various scholarships and various awards.

She attended educational stages not only in Italy, at the School Cet by Mogol, but abroad too, that tought her to be a professional singer.

She participated in many musical events and has also been a guest in various Awards, including the Lunezia Award and the Lucio Dalla Award.

The long period spent in New York was fundamental in the artistic career of Manu Ley, where she carried out an intense live activityand created pieces that has been included in numerous compilations.

In Italy he opened important concerts, including the one of Vecchioni in 2018 and the other of Edoardo Bennato in 2019.

In 2019, the decision to create a large-scale international project, she song her first single of which is “HERE AND NOW”: a love story toldthrough a fusion of Pop and Rock vibrations, which emphazise Manu Ley’s deep voice.

All supported by a video clip made by the director Francesco Picone in the streets of New York and enriched by an insert by the director of photography Giorgio Amendola.